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"Hop aboard the Hazy J.  as we depart from Eagle Harbor, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, Destined for "The Rock", we voyage forty-one nautical miles across Lake Superior at a heading of 336°, green buoy to red buoy, arriving at Middle Islands Passage in comfort & safety."

 - Justin Cygan, Captain


"Whether you enjoy the luxurious side of glamping, or the bare bones "roughing" it like the ol' bucks, we've got something for everyone. The Hazy J. is the ideal vessel for navigating Isle Royale National Park and Lake Superior." 

- Lacy Cygan, CEO

Pre-Planned Trips

Whether you are seeking to conquer specific goals on your next Isle Royale vacation, or want to relax and let us do all  the leg/brain work, we offer several options to maximize your time and experience Isle Royale in a whole new light.


Fisherman's Dream

Fresh fish nuggets ALL day, EVERY day!! Target giant Lake Trout, vivacious salmon, massive Northern pike and sooo much more! There is no shortage of excitement and adventure when you're catching a fish on Isle Royale, straight out of a dream!


Historical Exploration

Delve inside the island's extensive historical past. From ancient copper mines, to a cemetery, shipwrecks, lighthouses, a golf course, Victorian-era cabins, the "Mooseum" and much more! The history is as rich as the copper that runs through it. 

IMG_4218 (1).jpg


Camping, spectating, a little jigging and a few casts along the way as we navigate the Hazy J. through 450 glorious islands. Truly grasp the sheer magnitude and magnificence that is Isle Royale National Park.


Photography Enthusiast

Love taking pictures? Are you a night owl AND an early bird? Take advantage of the entire day with breath-taking sunrises, afternoon adventuring, endless sunsets, night sky photography and more! No two days are ever the same. Photography on Isle Royale hits different!


Expert's Choice

Vacation like the pro's at U.P. Adventure Company! We will take you to our favorite destinations on Isle Royale. From our favorite docks and camps, to beloved islands, best fishing spots, coolest hikes, and so much more!


Whether you want to visit as many shipwrecks as possible, incorporate more hiking into a fishing charter, or spend your honeymoon on ISRO, we have the tools & flexibility to create the perfect Isle Royale National Park excursion for you!

Get in Touch

Lacy & Captain Justin Cygan

U.P. Adventure Company, LLC

58280 3rd St

Calumet MI 49913


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